What’s New on Instagram in 2022: New Features and Updates

In 2022, Instagram continues to be one of most prominent players in the social media scene and with good reason. In December 2021, Instagram has reached 2 billion active users around the world. Instagram never stops growing and evolving, which means that it frequently introduces new features.

This article covers all the latest Instagram updates and features for 2022 and also those from 2021 that you may have been able to miss.

If you’re a social media marketing professional monitoring changes to social media platforms is essential. This is a helpful Instagram blog to be aware of all the important Instagram updates all in one location and utilize the information for your benefit.

We’ll go over the latest Instagram updates first before recapping the more old but still relevant ones. Therefore, with no further delay allow us to look over all the cool features Instagram has rolled out recently.

Instagram Grid Pinning

This latest Instagram update lets you pin your posts to the very top of the IG grid.

In the same way, your older content can still shine This feature is nothing new on platforms like Twitter or TikTok however, we certainly required it for Instagram.

60 seconds Instagram Stories (without any cuts)

Instagram is working on introducing a handy feature. Users can post Instagram Stories for up to 60 seconds, and without the annoying cuts at every 15 seconds.

It’s certainly a useful feature. Playback of your Story footage will be more fluid and you can add all the user’s mentions, tags, locations, links and so on. in one story there is no need to do it again after each 15 second interval, great!

2022 algorithm of Instagram explained

The Instagram algorithm’s algorithm’s principle of operation was a complete mystery for quite a while, and trying to get to grips with it was mostly based on guesswork as well as a trial and fail process. Although this has changed after Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri explained it in the video he posted on his Twitter account.

It appears that right now the most important elements which affect the content that users view within the feeds of their IG feeds is:

Post’s popularity indicators the number of people who liked it, where it was as well as the length of time it lasted (if it was a video)

The frequency at which the user interacted with the account in the past

How many of the posts that user has liked?

Engagement of users with accounts other content

We highly recommend watching the whole video. It will help you to understand the social network better and make sure your interactions start yielding better outcomes!

2022 Instagram Reels updates

Reelshave been rapidly growing in popularity ever since Instagram introduced them in the year 2020. Instagram is really investing in this new format , and continuously looking to upgrade it. We could observe in July 2021 when Instagram made the decision to double up the Reels duration to a maximum of. The new Instagram feature is regularly enhanced with additional editing options, including the most recent features: double exposure or timer.

Instagram reel with added music

Let’s have a deeper look at what you can do with Reels. Basically, Reels are full-screen vertical posts that run from 15 seconds up to 1 minute. It also lets users to mix multiple shorter videos together into one. Furthermore, Reels can be equipped with a variety of extras to make your content more entertaining:

Music — You can add any song you like and alter the music’s vs. the original audio ratio

Voiceover — You can record your own personal commentary


Doodles — You can draw over the video

Stickers — once you’ve shot an entirely new Reel, you can add stickers to it.

Effects are used in the same way as in Stories

Timer — so you don’t have to hold your phone down while making video

Instagram is testing more innovative features for Reels:

Video Layout lets users capture multiple videos in separate windows one after another and later play them all together.

Double exposure feature that allows users to take an image and record videos on top of it.

Instagram Posts Collabs

Another benefit is that you’re now able to create posts that are joint. The post will appear both on your feed and on your collaborator’s profile.

For a joint blog post, make your normal post (Reels also work) After that, click on Tag people, and then on Invite collaborator.

An example of a joint post on Instagram

Reels Visual Replies

In 2021, the last day of Instagram introduced yet another Reel update, called ‘Reels Visual Replies’. This feature allows you to respond to comments (given by any user who has commented on your Reels) posts by using videos.

This is another great way for creators to interact with their fans by creating content inspired by their activities in the comments section.

Where can you locate Instagram Reels

To get access to the Reels creator area, you’ll need to tap the ‘+’ icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose Reels.. Some of Reels features are able to be used during recording, and others only after the recording is complete. Give it a go and make your own entertaining content!

There is one more thing that is you can go back to any of your Reels anytime and mix it up this gives you an unlimited ability to play with your content.

If you click the ‘play icon that is located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you can easily browse Reels.

It is now possible to search for additional Reels that use the same tune by clicking on the audio icon within the Reel.

Instagram Creator Mode

Instagram introduced Creator mode to accounts with over 10 000 followers since the beginning of time and is continuing to work on this section of the app to assist influencers maximize their experience. Creators can now view more of their account’s statistics to simplifying messaging for users, the Creator mode really made a impact.

The Creator mode continues to evolve and gaining new features such as a whole new section of Instagram marketing tricks that creators can apply to their advantage when designing new content. Another step in the direction of a better creator experience was the launch to Professional Dashboard. Professional Dashboard.

Instagram marketing tips for creators

Instagram Professional Dashboard

Instagram has made another step toward improving its analysis in 2021 with the introduction of the Professional Dashboard. This feature is available for all business accounts and creator accounts and will function as the central dashboard for the app that allows you to review your account’s performance. Here’s the list of its main tools and resources:

Overall account performance

Instagram Insights


Branded Content Approvals

Instagram Shopping

Saved Replies

Instagram Professional Dashboard

The Professional Dashboard is a great tool for getting an instant overview of your information, however if you want to dive a little deeper, you still need to go to Instagram Insights to get that.

Updated Instagram Insights

Instagram has once more updated its analytics tool in order to provide entrepreneurs and creators better understanding of their accounts’ performance. The first major change is that users are able to access data for up to 90 days instead of 30, or 60. It is also possible to evaluate the performance of your live video.

Insights gives you a current overview of your statistics

Accounts that have been reached- overview of your profile’s reach metrics , broken down by gender, geography, age, followers and. non-followers, types of content reach advertising, and more.

Accounts that are engaged- This section lets you measure your accounts engagement split between various types of content in greater specific detail.

Total followers — This section lets you evaluate the base of your followers with an insight into their demographics.

Content that you’ve shared — More data on your content and user interactions, broken down by type of interaction and content (even interactions like Business Address Taps or Email Button Taps)

It’s a sure upgrade from the earlier version. In case you manage multiple social media accounts, you might want to boost your game by using NapoleonCat along with the analytics feature which lets you gain a 360-degree view of all your accounts, regardless of social media platform and create Instagram reports in just a few minutes.

The ability to hide Instagram likes has been made an option

Instagram has moved towards hiding the number of comments under posts since. At present, you have the option of choosing whether you want to hide that information on your blog posts.

To accomplish this do that, go to one of your posts Click the three dots located in the upper right corner, and then select ‘ Hide like count’.

Although a lot of users are beginning to use it, you can peep someone’s like count in NapoleonCat regardless of whether a user chooses to hide them or not.

Checking Instagram like count in NapoleonCat

View Your Instagram Likes in 2022

Are you unable to see the likes on Instagram? Make use of NapoleonCat and verify the amount of likes under your posts and the accounts of your competition too.

Try the NapoleonCat for free within 14-days. There is no credit card requirement.

New Instagram Story Interactive Stickers

Most Instagram users are aware of new stickers appearing in the editing section of their Stories every now and then. The most recent set of stickers that are available to users will differ depending on their type of account.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest & most popular ones.

Stickers available for Instagram Stories

Shopping sticker

The name of this sticker says it all. Incorporating it into your story will enable your followers to make the purchase directly from Instagram Stories. Make sure to keep in mind that you must have the Shopping feature already in place to be able to use this sticker. If you would like your partners to be able use this sticker to redirect customers to your website then you must enable this option in your Shopping Partners section of your account settings.

Music sticker

This sticker was long-awaited by many people across the world The Music sticker is becoming more increasingly accessible. Make use of it to enhance your story by adding your favorite track!

Location Sticker

The location sticker permits you to post your current location, if you’d like to share a particularly cool place with your followers.

Sticker with the word «Mention»

You can mention another business or user in your Story. This allows them to reshare the Story on their profile to increase their reach.

Questions are on the sticker

Add a Questions sticker to encourage your followers to share their feedback about your selected topic. It can also be used to let users ask questions that you later reply to in separate stories to encourage even more interaction with your audience.

Quiz sticker

An excellent use of it is pose questions related to your profile’s subject matter and to see how well your followers are performing and enhancing your brand’s recognition.

Poll sticker

Similar to the Quiz sticker This is an excellent stickers to find out the opinions of your followers. This is especially useful to aid in the decision-making process to develop content ideas for the future by involving your followers’ voice in the process of creating.

Donation sticker

This sticker allows you to choose a non-profit organization and enables your followers to contribute. Every nonprofit will receive all the money you raise.

Countdown stickers

If you have an important event scheduled for the near future there’s no better method to inform your followers about this than using this Countdown sticker.

Add Yours sticker

The Add Yours button is somewhat similar to the discontinued Challenge sticker. All you need to do is invite other people to post their own stories about any topic you want or tap at the bottom to get one chosen for you , then click «Done». To view Stories that have been shared by other users who have added your invitation, tap the sticker on your own Story.

You can also use 3 dots located at the top of your screen to view other options to manage your stickers. For instance, you can turn off notifications or the ability to hide your username.

Flexible Link sticker

The Link sticker is no longer only available to larger Instagram accounts with more than 10k followers. It’s now available to everyone! Yay!

To be able to use it, enter the URL of the page you wish the sticker for it to be linked to. Click ‘See preview’ beneath the link to check whether the page will look like when someone opens it. Anyone who has access to your Story is able to tap the sticker to go to the website linked.

There’s more! You can now change the design of the sticker and turn it into a call-to-action that you click which gives a great number of new options to use for Instagram marketing.

Food Orders stickers

Add a Food Orders sticker to your Instagram Story enables other users to order your business’s food through your partner’s site.

This sticker is especially helpful for smaller eateries that don’t get lots of fame, but is it’s also a useful tool if you choose to cooperate with an influencer and include this sticker on their Stories to drive traffic to your establishment.

Small business support sticker

The sticker has earned the name for itself throughout the pandemic and for a good reason. Other restrictions like Covid-19 had had huge negative impact on businesses, especially smaller ones. Instagram decided to enable users to give back to their favourite small businesses with a special sticker to increase their visibility and gain recognition.

That means that, by using the sticker, you can identify any business that has an Instagram profile to assist them in reaching an additional audience. For instance, if are employed by a smaller food chain or a similar kind of business and have multiple Instagram profiles for various locations, you can apply the sticker to cross-promote your accounts.

Instagram Shops & In-shop Ads

Facebook (or in the present: Meta) has been strongly investing in developing its eCommerce component through the introduction of Facebook and Instagram Shops that can be accessed via the app. This means that businesses can create customizable catalogs of their products that users can browse or save, share and purchase from.

This needs to be first established however once you do, you can showcase your products using many different options, including adding an image of the cover, or selecting the color scheme to give a unique look and feel in your shop.

Users can now access Facebook Shops through Facebook Pages as well as Instagram accounts. They can also access the Shops even via Stories and ads. It is now possible to buy products without leaving the app if the business has added checkout to its website in the US.

New is the fact that Instagram is currently testing ads inside the Shopping area that can be a important marketing tool to be included in any business’s arsenal.


How to see Instagram DMs on a PC — Messenger API

It is now possible to see your Instagram DMs on a PC. This is due to Messenger opening its API for Instagram messaging. You can also organize all of your Instagram Direct Messages (even across multiple accounts) in NapoleonCat’s Inbox.

The Social Inbox makes managing all your Instagram DMs (and comments) across multiple Instagram accounts much easier having them all available in one customizable view.

You can begin our free 2-week trial and test it out without credit card.

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